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Alan was my classmate with 8 students, and we graduated together in 1974. When I moved back to U.S. from Germany in 1968, I enrolled MSD and did not know ASL because in Germany there was no ASL in special class for Deaf on Ramstein Air Force Base. Alan helped me to tour around the MSD campus and taught me ASL. There is a story I remember very well in boy’s dormitory. Alan always yelled all the time. When Ms Vaudia Kendrick heard and assumed that was Alan’s voice, but it was really me yelling. I didn’t know Ms Kendrick could hear some. She went to see Alan to stop yelling. I ran to her and stood in front of her and told her that I did yell. I did not know what to tell her because I did not know enough to pick up ASL and told Ms Kendrick that I thought “you full Deaf but not.” I said to her “Alan and I will stop yell together, and that we can yell outside all we want.”

Alan expertly memorized all MSD students’ names because he grew up at MSD all his life and knew every student. He loved history so much and enjoyed sports, too.  As a member of Class of 74, we all love you and shall not forget you.

Your friend Tim Lavelle

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